NGFNL 2017 fixture

In round one of the 2017 NGFNL season, Sale City and Heyfield will meet in a rematch of the 2016 grand final.

In round one of the 2017 NGFNL season, Sale City and Heyfield will meet in a rematch of the 2016 grand final.

Round one, April 1: Sale City v Heyfield, Gormandale v Cowwarr, Yarram v TTU, Woodside v Rosedale, Glengarry v Churchill.

Round two, April 8: Heyfield v Yarram, TTU v Woodside, Rosedale v Cowwarr, Churchill v Sale City (night); April 9: Glengarry v Gormandale.

Round three (split round), April 14 (Good Friday): Yarram v Woodside; April 22: Rosedale v Heyfield, Cowwarr v Glengarry, Gormandale v Sale City, Churchill v TTU.

Round four, April 29: TTU v Rosedale, Woodside v Gormandale, Cowwarr v Churchill, Heyfield v Glengarry, Sale City v Yarram (night).

Round five, May 6: Sale City v Woodside, Gormandale v Heyfield, Churchill v Rosedale, Cowwarr v TTU, Glengarry v Yarram.

Round six, May 13: Heyfield v Churchill, Rosedale v Sale City, Yarram v Gormandale, TTU v Glengarry, Woodside v Cowwarr.

Round seven, May 20: Sale City v TTU, Yarram v Rosedale, Gormandale v Churchill, Glengarry v Woodside, Cowwarr v Heyfield.

Round eight, May 27: Rosedale v Glengarry, Cowwarr v Sale City, Woodside v Heyfield, TTU v Gormandale, Churchill v Yarram.

Round nine, June 3: Glengarry v Sale City, Gormandale v Rosedale, Heyfield v TTU, Woodside v Churchill, Yarram v Cowwarr.

Queen's Birthday weekend, June 10: General bye.

Round 10, June 17: Heyfield v Sale City, Cowwarr v Gormandale, TTU v Yarram, Rosedale v Woodside, Churchill v Glengarry.

Round 11, June 24: Sale City v Churchill, Yarram v Heyfield, Gormandale v Glengarry, Woodside v TTU, Cowwarr v Rosedale.

Round 12, July 1: Woodside v Yarram, Heyfield v Rosedale, Glengarry v Cowwarr, Sale City v Gormandale, TTU v Churchill.

Round 13, July 8: Rosedale v TTU, Yarram v Sale City, Gormandale v Woodside, Churchill v Cowwarr, Glengarry v Heyfield.

Round 14 (split round), July 15: Rosedale v Churchill, Heyfield v Gormandale; July 22: Woodside v Sale City, TTU v Cowwarr, Yarram v Glengarry.

Round 15, July 29: Churchill v Heyfield, Sale City v Rosedale, Gormandale v Yarram, Glengarry v TTU, Cowwarr v Woodside.

Round 16, August 5: TTU v Sale City, Rosedale v Yarram, Churchill v Gormandale, Woodside v Glengarry, Heyfield v Cowwarr.

Round 17, August 12: Glengarry v Rosedale, Sale City v Cowwarr, Heyfield v Woodside, Gormandale v TTU, Yarram v Churchill.

Round 18, August 19: Sale City v Glengarry, Rosedale v Gormandale, TTU v Heyfield, Churchill v Woodside, Cowwarr v Yarram.

Qualifying final, August 26.

Elimination final, August 27.

Second semi-final, September 2.

First semi-final, September 3.

Preliminary final, September 9.

Grand final, September 16.

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