Firefighters fly into action

FOREST Fire Management Victoria this week took to the air to suppress smaller fires across Gippsland.

FFMV assistant chief fire officer Chris Stephenson said lightning started the fires on Tuesday.

"The air fleet provided invaluable support to crews working to quickly extinguish the fires at inaccessible locations. These fires had potential to spread to large areas due to the difficult terrain and the weather conditions," he said.

"Our crews attended four fires in an area of forest country north of Valencia Creek to east of Tambo Crossing. The fires were all contained to less than two hectares in size.

"In the early stages we used helicopters to deliver our rappel crews to the fires. Water bombing support was provided by both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft to assist crews working with hand tools in remote locations, as well as crew who arrived at the fires in tankers and slip-ons.

"In addition to the aircraft based in Gippsland we accessed aircraft from outside Gippsland, including a large air tanker from Avalon."

With the forecast for hotter days, Mr Stephenson reminded people, especially those heading to our remote areas, to stay alert.

Gippsland Senior
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