Where will we get our timber products from?


THERE has been much debate about the Heyfield timber mill closing.

The Greens are hell-bent on closing down logging, but no one ever says what the alternative to timber is.

Timber is a sustainable resource that regenerates in a human lifetime.

The alternative is metal that takes millions of year to regenerate, or plastic, which comes from oil, which takes millions of years to regenerate.

Neither are biodegradable.

The Greens think tourism is the answer to everything, but if we increase tourism, we are going to need more accommodation, more places to eat so what do we build these places with?

If we don't have a timber industry in Australia, we will have to import timber, and most likely from some third-world country that doesn't have the rules and regulations that we have.

I heard recently that there will be no primates left in the wild by 2050.

Close our timber industry, and you can cut years off that prediction.

If the Greens are so worried about the Leadbeater's possum, why haven't they looked anywhere else other than the logging coupes?

There could thousands of the Leadbeaters in the national parks, but they have not even looked for them there.

It seems to me that someone needs to answer these questions before they go all gung-ho and destroy another source of employment.

Gippsland Senior
More coming soon!!!