Dargo fires continue to burn

TWO fires started by lightning strikes north-west and south-west of Dargo burning in the Alpine National Park have been held, according to Forest Fire Management Victoria.

The current strategy of direct attack with significant aerial support on the McCarthy Spur fire, 10 kilometres south-west of Dargo is holding the blaze.

At the Crooked River fire, 19 kilometres north-west of Dargo, the situation remains dynamic, but the south-western flank is being held.

The fires developed significantly in Wednesday afternoon's windy conditions, and were 1304 and 144 hectares in size respectively when the Gippsland Times went to print.

FFMV crews have been working in the steep terrain to gradually establish control lines around the perimeter of the blaze with a combination of air attack, constructing breaks by ground crews with rake hoes, and wider breaks with dozers.

Forest Fire Management incident controller Peter West said the crews expected further spread to the north, south and east and for the fire to cross Billy Goat Bluff track to the east at some stage.

"We have 161 firefighters, 19 dozers, 74 four wheel drive vehicles, three tankers and seven aircraft on these fires today.

"Firefighters will be working in the Crooked River valley today, visiting and supporting landowners there," Mr West said.

"Local roads and tracks remain closed to the public while the control lines are being constructed and people are advised not to enter any forest or park areas in the vicinity of these fires and to be alert to fire fighting vehicles and personnel on other roads in the Dargo area."

A community meeting was held in Dargo yesterday, providing local residents with an update.

Information about track and campground closures is on www.parkweb.vic.gov.au.

For fire information, phone 1800 226 226, view the VicEmergency app, or visit www.emergency.vic.gov.au.

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