Council looks at rezoning of land in Heyfield

WELLINGTON Shire Council has adopted a study, which it hoped will lead to more residential development in Heyfield.

The Heyfield Low Density Residential Land Supply Study, independently completed by Urban Enterprise Planning Consultants, identified and recommended two specific areas in the town for rezoning to the low density residential zone.

The rezonings would ensure there is a sufficient short-term supply of one acre residential lots available in Heyfield in the next five years.

The two areas identified are at the end of Burnett Court and on the corner of the Heyfield-Seaton and Draper Rds.

Having considered seven submissions, including five from residents, made during a formal period of public exhibition, mayor Carolyn Crossley said the recommendations of the study had been tested against a set of robust criteria, and would provide more opportunities for lower density residential lifestyle living in Heyfield.

Council will submit a request to the Planning Minister for it to formally include the study within the Wellington Planning Scheme and to amend and update associated planning provisions, including the rezoning of the recommended sites.

Councillor Scott Rossetti said there was a desire in the Heyfield district for low density residential land, but not much supply.

“Not everyone wants to live in town; not everyone wants to live on a big block,” he said.

“Having a variety of blocks is just as important as having a quantity of blocks.”

Gippsland Senior
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