Sale has much to offer shoppers and visitors


I WOULD like to respond to Sue Conwell's letter headed 'Sale is looking a little neglected'.

I believe we have a reason to be proud of our community and the diversity of businesses it houses.

Sale may be a small city, but it is big in so many ways.

We have a vibrant main street full of businesses, and a mall area which is regularly used by community groups to celebrate all sorts of things like Christmas, Easter, Shop in Sale days, fundraisers, festivals and live music, just to name a few.

The appearance of the central business district is certainly something the association (and Wellington Shire Council) take pride in and we see as an important part of a flourishing business community.

Upgrades to the mall and street paving have created a beautiful and inviting space for shoppers and visitors to stay and play in the area.

The provision of a public toilet in the CBD has also been a bonus for visitors and shoppers.

Sure, there is always more that can be done, but to say "there is a disrespect of our surrounds and a lax regard for the public, locals and visitors" could not be further from the truth, from both our business sector and our great community at large.

Even in a changing world where online shopping and technology seems to be creeping in, there is still a great sense of community and a culture of supporting local and spending local.

Communities like Sale have a lot to offer in many different ways, and if we were to just open our eyes to see everything Sale and the surrounding areas have to offer, we would be amazed.

I believe we live in one of the most vibrant communities around, and I'm excited to be a part of it in many ways.

Gippsland Senior
More coming soon!!!