Stratford mural gets a tsjuz

Artist Steven Mitchell has returned to Stratford to repaint a mural in Hobson St.

Artist Steven Mitchell has returned to Stratford to repaint a mural in Hobson St.

THE shop window mural on Stratford's Hobson St has been refreshed, with original painter Steven Mitchell back in town.

Mr Mitchell said people had grown fond of the mural, which was painted on the supermarket wall more than 20 years ago.

"It gives you a piece of the town as well," he said.

"It suits this corner.

"It's not a big billboard for [beer]; it's actually part of the town," he said.

Mr Mitchell said he was pleased to paint the mural in Stratford, describing it as one of his favourite towns in Gippsland.

As well as featuring items that would have been found in a supermarket in the 1800s, there are several nods to Stratford's history, and colourful locals.

"There's old dockets from the 1800s from the shop itself, a piece from the Gippy Times from 1877 about the first meeting at the Curtain Hotel where they picked the football team I've put that with a trophy for all past and present members of the football club," Mr Mitchell said.

"I've spent nearly seven months on it now you could spend that again adding bits."

While he is a former Stratford resident, Mr Mitchell now lives in Tasmania, but couldn't resist the project.

He said he remembered painting the original mural in 40 degree heat, with the temperature affecting the paint.

But it's not the only thing he remembers from that time.

"We did the nude calendar here as well, a lady asked me if I'd be interested in doing the nude calendar.

"They asked all the local traders I said as long as I got April, I'd be happy," Mr Mitchell said.

As for the mural, Mr Mitchell said he would be adding a few bits and pieces.

"I'll be adding more local stuff, more historic stuff; memorabilia to do with people in the town," he said.

"It could have been covered in advertising, but (the owner) said civic pride was the way to go, and I like the thing about civic pride, and sometimes, if people spend a little money on their building, it goes a long way."

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