Roads targeted for litter removal

Rubbish on the South Gippsland Highway between Longford and Sale.

Rubbish on the South Gippsland Highway between Longford and Sale.

VICROADS has confirmed several roads in Wellington Shire will be targeted for rubbish removal in the immediate future.

In addition to litter control work taking place on the South Gippsland Highway, rubbish removal will also take place on the Maffra-Sale Rd, Princes Highway east and Licola Rd in the next two weeks.

Rubbish removal has already been undertaken on Maffra-Rosedale Rd, Maffra-Briagolong Rd and Stratford-Bengworden Rd in recent weeks.

The rubbish will be removed by the Eastern Regional Alliance, in a maintenance partnership between VicRoads and Fulton Hogan.

Eastern Region Alliance program manager Michael Flegg said it was frustrating when people threw litter from vehicles and did not properly tie down or cover loads.

"There are not unlimited resources for road maintenance," he said.

"Every time we prioritise picking up rubbish, we aren't undertaking other important maintenance works."

Mr Flegg said the Eastern Region Alliance had received feedback from the community about its mowing program amplifying the litter issue, and didn't deny it was a factor in making the rubbish more visible, after the Gippsland Timesreported last week mowing has chopped up some rubbish into small particles in some areas.

"It's not practical for us to scour and search our roadsides for every bit of rubbish hidden in long grass before we mow we do however remove larger litter that our tractor drivers can see before they mow," he said.

"It would be a far better situation if people did the right thing and the litter was not on our roadsides in the first place.

"I can't emphasise enough the importance of respecting our environment and disposing of rubbish responsibly."

Depositing a small item of litter, even a can ring pull, extinguished cigarette butt, or other small item, carries a $317 fine.

Transporting an unsecured load also carried a $317 fine.

Depositing a lit cigarette, or any other burning litter, carries a $634 fine.

People can report litter along arterial roads by phoning VicRoads on 13 11 70.

By taking down the registration numbers and litterers' vehicle descriptions, as well as when, where and what they discarded, the community can report litterers to EPA Victoria by phoning the EPA pollution hotline on 1300 372 842 or visiting

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