Experience with CGH care is positive


I HAVE just had a semi-urgent surgical procedure undertaken at Central Gippsland Heath, and would like to inform your readers of my experience in light of recent criticisms of CGH aired in letters to your paper.

My procedure was scheduled in a timely manner (weeks, not months) that took into consideration constraints on my availability for the surgery necessitated by my farming program.

My pre-admission clinic appointments were punctual and conducted by competent, informative, friendly staff; likewise with my admission.

Fortunately I was asleep during the surgery, however I awoke in the surgical ward to be greeted by staff who offered every assistance and was informed that the surgery had gone well this was later confirmed by the surgeon.

I stayed in overnight and was happy with the care that I received from the nurses, the meals from the catering staff and the service from the pharmacists.

I also had the good fortune to be able to assist with the work experience of some trainee nurses and a trainee doctor.

I don't know what happens 'behind the scenes', but my 'front of house' experience was excellent.

Gippsland Senior
More coming soon!!!