Closure of yet another local business


I WAS saddened and disturbed to learn of the closure of Lord's Newsagency in Raymond St, Sale.

Another long-serving (at least 50 years) and caring small business in a regional centre to join the long list of empty shops in the main streets of our shire's towns.

These small businesses have been the lifeblood of country towns for years, providing friendly "have a chat" services to us and participating in our lifestyle by supporting local community and sporting activities and providing job opportunities for our citizens.

'Mr Big' retailers have taken over.

The costs that small shops have to bear cannot be matched by sufficient increase in income.

Rates and rent have risen, power and gas prices are soaring and the weekend helpers they have in order to take a little time off from their long working hours are being promised by Mr Shorten to be given back penalty rates.

I note that our mayor is indicating  council's desire to become active on the climate change issue.

We have three tiers of government.

Clearly state and federal governments have this issue on their plate, as they should.

Local government is called ‘local’ for a reason. Please concentrate on local issues.

These dozens of empty shops and the demise of true local business is a serious local issue.

We need the relationships of small business with the community and the jobs and friendships that are thus created.

Should we not leave federal and state issues to their appropriate governments and, perhaps, strengthen our council-business group relationships to provide and assist our genuine Aussie battlers — the hard-working small business owners?

Meanwhile, when shopping down the street, spare a thought for ‘Mr Small’, even if it costs a couple of dollars less at ‘Mr Big’s.

Help preserve an important part of our community and our lifestyle by buying at our Aussie battlers.

Gippsland Senior
More coming soon!!!
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