A ‘thorough’ review

THE Department of Health and Human Services has asked that the firm appointed to conduct a review of Central Gippsland Health be given the opportunity to get on with the job.

Workplace consultancy firm Justitia has been hired to conduct an extensive independent review of the organisational and workplace culture of the health service after complaints by former and current staff of bullying and intimidation.

On Monday the firm decided to extend a 24-hour booking schedule for staff interviews after concerns were raised that people were being locked out of the process because of insufficient notification and interview slots.

A DHHS spokesman said the initial 24-hour notice for interview bookings was “standard practice” for the firm, but more time was allowed after the concerns were raised.

Several people contacted the Gippsland Times on Monday morning after they were unable to access the online booking system within the required time.

Justitia is conducting the review at the request of the department following complaints by current and former hospital staff about the workplace culture within Central Gippsland Health.

The DHHS spokesman said the review would be thorough and extensive, and would gather information from a range of sources, including interviews, other surveys and hospital documents.

“This was a department-initiated review in agreement with the hospital management,” he said.

“The department made the call ... but this is an independent review.”

He said it was now time for the reviewers to be given the opportunity to do their job, and the department did not expect to have any other involvement while the process was being undertaken.

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