Same-sex marriage is a 'slippery slope'


I WAS talking to my adult son about the "yes" voters spitting the dummy over the comments against same sex marriage which appeared in the Gippsland Times.

He said he doesn't want to get involved because he doesn't want to have trolls abusing him; I replied that is why I am getting involved.

It's such a one sided debate. That is why I will be voting no.

Everybody is allowed to voice their opinions without fear of trolls, bullies and violence.

They don't scare me.

I believe marriage and children belong to a couple consisting of a man and a woman.

We were put on this planet to reproduce otherwise we wouldn't be here and not to marry our own sex.

I'd like to know how many no voters returned their papers to Gippsland Times? Probably none.

How many violent protest rallies have there been for the no vote? None that I know of.

And up until recently there were no television advertisements or anything printed in the newspapers supporting the no vote.

Humans are on a slippery slide as we no longer have to identify as male or female.

Some schools have told boys they can wear dresses. They also encourage students to imagine being in a homosexual relationship.

Wake up humans, while you can still identify as one.

We are slowly being stripped of our rights, and I fear what kind of society my sons will be living in.

Gippsland Senior
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