SSM will have many ‘consequences’


CHANGING the Marriage Act would have far reaching consequences for all Australians.

The plebiscite is a referendum on freedom of speech.

Our personal and public expression is already defined by what someone else perceives to be offensive.

I fear that once “marriage” for all, is law, I won’t be free to write these words.

Freedom of religion and freedom of parents to teach their children about their own culture, beliefs about gender, sexuality and marriage will be dictated through law.

Voting “yes” will further the sexual indoctrination of our children through the Safe Schools, the contentious, radical, sex education program imposed on our school-aged children.

Perhaps a new inquiry will be needed in the future to call all involved to account for the destruction it will have caused.

Marriage is founded on sexual complementarity and potential fertility.

Its ideal is not to deprive children of either a father or a mother.

And be warned, same-sex marriage is a package deal that will lead to more gender bending.

Gippsland Senior
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