Central Gippsland Health investigation


THE investigation into the workplace culture prevailing at the CGH has received much media attention and naturally has been a source of concern to the public.

The standards that are demanded in medical care are very stringent, as one would expect.

The clinical outcomes of the hospital are routinely and annually compared with all the other comparable health services in the country.

CGH consistently scores very favourably.

This investigation is not examining standards of care, it is looking into the workplace culture in the hospital.

Personality clashes involving a very small number of individuals have had a ripple effect and were the trigger for this investigation by the department of health.

When issues like this occur it is common practice for an investigation to take place.

The hospital employs nearly 900 people and it is not surprising with a workforce of this size issues like this can occur.

I have worked at the hospital for 43 years and have watched in pride as the hospital evolved and kept pace with the rapid advances in medical care.

I feel privileged to be part of a dedicated and professional staff providing a high standard of medical care.

It is worth while reminding the public just what happens there.

12,384 patients were admitted for treatment over the last 12 months.

7109 were admitted for same day services, 3428 patients were treated in the emergency department, 491 babies were born and 110 babies received intensive medical care.

The hospital provides:

General surgical, orthopaedic, urology, eye, ear, nose and throat, gynaecology.

General medical with specialty support for gastroenterology, respiratory, cardiac, critical care, neonatal care, paediatric, geriatric, palliative care, oncology, mental health, dentistry, dialysis and hospital in the home.

For more details please explore the hospital website www.gha2.net.au/CGHS

The people of Sale and district should be proud of our hospital and support this institution in every way you can.

May I remind you that in a recent survey of patient satisfaction our hospital topped the state amongst regional hospitals.

Doesn't that say a lot about the dedicated staff?

Gippsland Senior
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