Highway plans ignore many problems


I ATTENDED the public meeting in Stratford on Wednesday night at 6pm.

It got off to a great start, it was held in the meeting room and not the main hall at the Mechanics Hall, so there was nowhere near enough room.

There were over 100 people there.

The discussion around alternatives for the redevelopment of the main street of Stratford was well received by the TAC and VicRoads representatives.

However the TAC and VicRoads representatives would not discuss any alternatives to the wire rope barrier down the centre of the road that will extend from Sale to Bairnsdale.

If you dared, you were accused of not wanting to stop deaths along the road.

When asked what they were going to do to improve safety along the Bengworden Rd, which is an alternative route to the highway and will be used more often during and after the alterations to the highway, due to the traffic problems it will cause, the basic answer was nothing it is not our problem. I thought road safety was the problem of VicRoads and the TAC, and that is why the alterations to the highway were being done.

When asked about the ongoing maintenance of the barriers, again, not our problem was the answer.

What about roads like the Stratford to Briagolong, where there have been a number of deaths over recent years again, the answer, nothing to do with us.

I feel a good analogy is having a car that has faulty brakes and bald tyres, then spending $10,000 on new wheels and top of the range tyres and running out of money before repairing the brakes.

Why not spend three or four thousand dollars on good quality tyres and the rest on repairing the brakes?

I feel VicRoads and the TAC are going to just move the traffic and the accidents problem away from the highway to the Bengworden Rd, and there will be many more accidents due to the condition of this road.

Certainly use some of the money to improve the highway but use the rest to improve the safety of other black spot roads in the area like Stratford-Briagolong Rd, Fosters Hill, and many others where as many, if not more, people have been killed than on this stretch of the highway.

Gippsland Senior
More coming soon!!!