Concert for CanTeen

Timothy Teese is organising a concert at the Stratford Courthouse Theatre to support CanTeen, which helps young people dealing with cancer in their lives.

Timothy Teese is organising a concert at the Stratford Courthouse Theatre to support CanTeen, which helps young people dealing with cancer in their lives.

A YOUNG Maffra man is aiming to help as many people as he can who are affected by cancer, after he and his family went through one of the most difficult experiences imaginable.

Timothy Teese joined CanTeen a few years after his brother Chris died unexpectedly from a rare brain tumour.

CanTeen is devoted to helping cancer sufferers and their families, and Timothy is now planning on becoming an ambassador.

He is also organising a night out at the Courthouse Theatre in Stratford on Friday, October 27, where local musicians will perform and CanTeen's famous bandannas will be available, for Bandanna Day.

Timothy said he discovered the charity by chance, finding a flyer at his mum's work.

"I've been a part of it for three years and it's been some of the best years ever; they've helped me a lot," he said.

"I wanted to do something closer and rural, get the word out for CanTeen, and doing a larger fundraiser would be a good way to start.

Timothy said most of the Victorian division of CanTeen was based in Melbourne, and he would like to see a better reach into rural areas.

As well as helping out young people going through cancer treatment, CanTeen also supports siblings, family, and friends, with plenty of resources available to answer difficult questions.

It also supports research, connecting to the Youth Cancer Service for support throughout diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

For Timothy, he was able to meet other young people going through the same experiences on camps, which inspired him to take a leadership role.

"One of my best memories is on the first camp I ever had," he said.

"I knew absolutely nobody except the one volunteer leader that I'd met with to talk about my experience, so I get on the bus in Melbourne, we're going over to Phillip Island," he explained.

"We get to the place, we walk in, I take a place at an empty table, and within not even five minutes, someone has sat down and introduced themselves and started playing a game of cards with me.

"They welcomed me, introduced me, and helped me.

"That's something I still keep with me, and I want to be someone who can help people."

Closer to home, Timothy began helping out at the Courthouse Theatre as part of its internship program, which gave him the event management skills to put on his own show.

"I took on an internship at the Courthouse with Gavin Roberts," he said.

"When I was finishing the internship, he came in and said 'if you ever want to run an event here, you're welcome to use the venue, you've got the skills for it, you know what to do ...'

"I said yeah, that'd be great, actually," he said.

"A few months on, it got closer to Bandanna Day, and I thought about what could I do, so I talked to people in CanTeen and Gavin, and now everything's moving along it's one of those rare moments where everything goes according to plan.

"I'm very thankful for Gavin for how much he's done for me, not only the internship but allowing me to do an event like this."

The Bandanna Day event will begin at 6.30pm on Friday, October 27, and will feature emerging musicians Amelia Hunt, Tina Bartle, Pantjiti Lawrence, Amy Mitchell and CKH, along with DJ Gherkin.

Entry will be $10, with groups of four for $25, and bandannas on sale for $5 at the door.

Timothy hopes to raffle a personalised instrument by a local artist.

Tickets will be available at the door on the night, or online through TryBooking.

"It's a simple, fun night with good music, and good people, and Segue will be open so good food too, for a good cause," he said.

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