Overspend on Brady's Bridge project?


Twice, in correspondence received from Wellington Shire Council, we were advised categorically that the total build price for the footbridge which is being constructed to replace the original Brady's vehicular bridge, would be $200,000.

Neither fiscal nor common sense argument to the contrary would be entertained by council their estimating methodology was, we were assured, beyond question, discredit or ridicule.

However, signs on display at the site in question now tells us as if the council should be expecting accolades that this footbridge is going to cost $395,000.

That's a whopping $195,000 budget overspend of ratepayer money.

No justification for this has been provided, despite a request being made on September 19.

Was this just poor estimating?

The irony here, is that using the so-called 'lawless estimating methodology' adopted by council officials, for just another $105,000 all residents could have had the bridge that Sale needed a single lane vehicular bridge with an integral footpath, and not just a footbridge which only serves the interests of a few walkers and cyclists.

Gippsland Senior
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