Rider almost causes an accident in town


I WAS absolutely gobsmacked the other day when driving into town along Raymond St from Raglan St when I came up behind a teenager riding a pit bike down the middle of the road.

He moved closer to the left side of the street, but I decided to remain behind him and err on the side of caution, than risk trying to pass him.

As we approached the roundabout at Raymond St and Macarthur St, the rider attempted to continue straight through the roundabout, but had to swerve to the left to avoid a vehicle coming through which had the right of way.

It appeared that the bike had poor brakes or none at all, because the rider, in his attempt to avoid the car, stalled the bike and almost took out two pedestrians in the process.

Once the car had cleared the roundabout, the rider pushed his bike across the intersection where I lost sight of him as I continued on my way.

My point is, why is this person even on the road, on a bike with no indicators, no lights, and obviously no registration?

It’s not just this one instance either.

We see and hear them riding the streets, often at night, again with no lights, and what’s even worse, sometimes with no helmet.

I have seen them ride past my house and almost come off as they try to take corners at ridiculous speeds on bikes that are not designed for road use.

It’s only a matter of time until one of these kids dies.

Gippsland Senior
More coming soon!!!