Stratford ‘revitalisation’

MAJOR works in Stratford are set to go ahead next year.

Wellington Shire Council on Tuesday entered into a contract for streetscape works, and also declared a special charge scheme to pay for upgrades to Industrial Rd.

Beginning in February, the streetscape works will include footpaths and kerb and channel in Tyers St. 

The project has had community consultation.

The footpaths, kerb and channel were identified for replacement between Raymond and Dixon Sts as part of the renewal of streetscapes across the shire. 

This project has been on hold since May when works were tendered, while VicRoads contemplated upgrade works and possible lane reductions through the town.

With VicRoads abandoning the proposed changes, council awarded the contract for works.

Councillor Carmel Ripper said the project would revitalise Stratford, and encourage motorists to stop in Stratford to shop, eat and rest.

Council awarded the streetscape contract to Traralgon-based Contula Constructions.

In addition to these works, a 130 metre long unsealed section of Industrial Rd will be sealed in a $120,000 project.

Industrial Rd runs parallel to the Princes Highway at the eastern side of town.

A local business, which builds modular homes, will contribute $24,000 to the $120,000 project. 

Council will pay $48,000 for land it owns in the area, and $48,000 in direct costs.

The road is managed and maintained by council, with most of its 630m length already sealed.

Council officers received an enquiry from a business located at the eastern end of Industrial Rd, to consider options to upgrade and seal a 130m section.

There is a frequent use of the road by heavy vehicles, contractors and customers. 

This high level of traffic results the road deteriorating quickly, requiring higher levels for maintenance.

The sealing of this section of road is likely to reduce council’s need for maintenance. 

After advertising the special charge scheme, council didn’t receive an objection, leading it to declaring the scheme this week.

“This area is currently a gravel road and there is a business in this area that builds portable houses, which needs trucks to truck out,” Cr Ripper said.

“Therefore, having this special charge, by bitumising the road, will make it better for everyone and it will not stop the moving of houses out onto the highway for further movement around the state and interstate.”

Gippsland Senior
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