Vardy pavilion proposal rejected

THE main pavilion at the Maffra Recreation Reserve will be called the Maffra Recreation Centre after Wellington Shire Council received 18 objections to another proposal.

Council had sought to name the pavilion after former Maffra Football-Netball Club president John Vardy, who died last year.

​Council originally received a request to name the main oval at the recreation reserve after Mr Vardy.

The reserve committee responded by saying the oval should not be specifically named after an individual as there have been many people who had contributed to the oval over its 148-year history and it was used for many activities, not just football.

The committee felt as Mr Vardy was the main driver behind the construction of the pavilion, it would be fitting to name it the John Vardy Pavilion.

The proposal was advertised, but received 18 objections from the public, most claiming the facility should not be named after one person.

Councillor Darren McCubbin said the naming of the pavilion created a lot of discussion in the Maffra community. 

“None of that community discussion suggested that Jack Vardy was any way, shape or form not to be respected or honoured,” he said.

“We all agree that Jack did an amazing amount for his particular community, particularly the football club in Maffra. He is a man of great respect, and we certainly honour that.

“It was suggested that when the Maffra Recreation Reserve pavilion was put up, that it should have been called the Maffra Recreation Centre rather than be named after any individual.

“That name was recommended to us by the recreation reserve, we’ve decided to write back to the Maffra Recreation Reserve that after community consultation, the community would like it to be called the Maffra Recreation Centre.”

If no objections to this proposal are received, council will apply to the Registrar of Geographic Names to formalised the name.

Gippsland Senior
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