Wellington Shire Council is still grappling with the future direction of recycling

WELLINGTON Shire Council is still negotiating with recycling services to find out what will happen to recyclable material.

Last week, many local councils were blindsided, after China stopped accepting some types of waste, leaving local processors like Visy reeling.

The ABC reported Visy previously warned about “stockpiles” of recyclable materials, which the Victorian government is trying to find a home for.

The Gippsland Waste and Resource Recovery Group is negotiating with other interested parties on behalf of Wellington Shire, as well as other municipalities.

A recovery group spokesperson said the issue would be resolved through direct discussions between councils, transporters and processors, but the Gippsland Waste and Resource Recovery Group would facilitate the discussions to support contingency plans.

This would mean recycling collection and processing would be able to continue where possible.

The state government is also working with other states, the federal government, and industry, to ensure Victoria is well positioned to respond to future changes.

“The Victorian government is taking steps to ensure the recycling industry in Victoria is sustainable in the long term, including through developing the local market for recycled materials, improving education and providing infrastructure support programs,” a spokesperson said.

“It is important to note that China has not completely banned the import of all recycled plastic and paper, it just requires a cleaner and more processed version of these materials.

“Some recycling processors in Victoria have already responded to China’s shift in policy by changing the way they sort plastics and paper [and] cardboard to meet these restrictions.

“Paper and cardboard is being sorted to a higher level to remove contamination.

“Processors are also installing and investigating new technology to further process plastics to ensure it is in an acceptable state for international markets.

“While councils and the recycling industry are working through these changes to the international market for recycled materials, the Victorian government is committed to building a strong and sustainable recycling industry in Victoria.

Gippsland Senior
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