Cenotaph on the move

War memorials in Rosedale are being relocated to accommodate roundabout works. File photo

War memorials in Rosedale are being relocated to accommodate roundabout works. File photo

VICROADS will apply to relocate the Rosedale war memorials to the Prince Street Reserve following community concern over the park initially proposed for the move.

VicRoads had applied to Wellington Shire Council for a permit to relocate the memorials from the current location, adjacent to the Princes Highway roundabout, to Edward Crooke Reserve in Cansick St.

The move was necessitated by a major upgrade of the roundabout.

The initial application was open for public consultation between December and February.

Concerns were raised by members of the Rosedale RSL Sub-branch and the community that the memorials should be in a prominent position in the town.

Following a discussion last month, council advised VicRoads to submit a subsequent planning application to relocate the war memorials to the Prince Street Reserve, as per the wishes of the RSL.

If this permit is lodged and approved, council will work with the RSL and community to work out specifically where on the reserve the memorials will be relocated to and what that will look like.

The community will have another opportunity to comment on the issue when the second permit application is lodged.

Council last week formally received a petition, signed by 361 people, objecting to the relocation of the cenotaph and honour wall to Edward Crooke Reserve.

Prince Street Reserve was seen as the ideal location for the memorials as it has toilets, shelter, barbecue area and lighting.

Speaking on behalf of Rosedale RSL, Irene Robertson said the cenotaph served as a reminder of the freedom Australians enjoyed and those people who fought to protect it.

Mrs Robertson said most towns had their cenotaphs in prominent positions.

“People who are passing by when Anzac and Remembrance day services are being held have often stopped and joined in the service,” she told council.

“If the cenotaph is at Edward Crooke Reserve, it would not be visible to the passing public.

“(Prince Street) reserve is in a more prominent position — prominent visibility is important, not just for our locals and those whose names are on the cenotaph, but for all Australians.”

Councillor Carmel Ripper supported the Rosedale community’s wish.

“As a former defence force person and member of the RSL, I think Prince St is definitely the best place (for the cenotaph),” she said.

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