Convicted mother told drugs “corrupt your life”

A 31-YEAR-OLD woman with a long history of drug abuse was convicted on a range of drug and theft offences at Sale Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

Mother-of-one, Tiffany Hood, of no fixed address, appeared before the court via video link to answer charges relating to theft from cars in Sale between March 31 and April 4 this year, drug use, theft and obtaining property by deception.

Magistrate Simon Zebrowski accepted that drug use was a major factor in Ms Hood’s offending, and that even after completing two periods of rehabilitation for heroin and ice addiction, she had returned to drug use on release from Odyssey House due to lack of support.

In sentencing Ms Hood, Mr Zebrowski said he felt she had been “let down by the system”, and that he would take her “appalling” and abusive life history into account.

He told her that “drugs corrupt your life”, and that she “never gave anyone trouble when she’s sober”.

“You make an interesting sentencing proposition,” he told her.

“You are one of those people who appear to be a Jekyll and Hyde, between when you are using drugs and not using drugs.”

The magistrate said Ms Hood’s continued drug use meant a “best case scenario” would be jail and the worst case scenario is “you’ll end up dying very soon”.

He said the seriousness of her convictions meant he had to hand down a term of imprisonment, but that a sentence of 60 days would be reduced by the 41 days she had already been in custody.

Mr Zebrowski praised Ms Hood for organising further rehabilitation herself, and said the time in custody would allow a bed to be reserved for her at Odyssey House, which had signalled that they would admit her as soon as a bed became available.

Ms Hood was also fined $100 for the charges of using ice, heroin, and cannabis, and given a one-month corrections order to be served concurrently for theft charge relating to a leg of lamb stolen from a Sale shop.

Gippsland Senior
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