Golden Beach garden gets green thumbs going

Golden Beach Men’s Shed and community garden volunteers, Brian Traley, John Cossidy, Ken Dyster, Harry Nuutinen and Ron Heard.

Golden Beach Men’s Shed and community garden volunteers, Brian Traley, John Cossidy, Ken Dyster, Harry Nuutinen and Ron Heard.

THE Golden Beach community garden is springing into life, following months of work by a group of local volunteers, including a dedicated team from the local Men’s Shed.

As the weather warms up, volunteers are hoping the garden will provide a fresh food supply to residents and visitors to the Golden Beach area, without the hassle of the 80 kilometre round trip to Sale.

Produce expected includes leeks, cabbages, tomatoes, onions and broad beans, as well as plenty of different herbs.

Men’s Shed member Brian Tracey said the improved garden and nursery was the outcome of a big effort from volunteers which would benefit the town.

“It’s been a lot of hard work, a lot of input from community groups like the Men’s Shed,” he said.

“We’ve worked with council as well — a council grant paid for the tank and some of the plumbing that went in, and also a supply of soil.

“Anyone can come in and help themselves — if they want to plant something and look after it they can do that as well, but they just need to remember that someone else might want to help themselves to the crop that comes off it.”

The garden is wheelchair accessible, and all visitors are welcome to the fresh produce, which proved popular last summer.

Men’s Shed member John Cassidy said that he hoped the fresh veggies would encourage campers and caravanners to stay at Golden Beach in the warmer months.

“Last year they were quite prepared to get their hands dirty for what they were collecting,” he said.

There are more projects in the pipeline for the Golden Beach area, including an actual shed for the Men’s Shed group, which should be completed by October.

Also in the works is a push to build a basketball court, with the intention of keeping local youngsters and visitors entertained and active.

Men’s Shed member Ron Heard has been involved in the community garden and the campaign to establish the basketball court, a project which he hopes will bring the community together, regardless of age.

“It will join the youngies and the oldies out here,” he said.

“Most of us want to leave something behind before we go.

“We have all had kids of our own and it’s nice to be part of knowing we have left something behind and engaged with kids in the community.”

Money made at the adjacent nursery, which relies mainly on donated plants and seedlings, is put back into the community garden.

The Golden Beach nursery is open Saturdays from 10am to 2pm, and 9am to 1pm during summer months.

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