Proposed solar farm is not in the right place


IN the paper (Gippsland Times June 14/6 and 21/6) there were articles about a solar farm planned for Toongabbie.

It was mentioned in these articles that sheep currently graze the property.

For more than 50 years I have been in the area, and only can recall cattle grazing the property.

On the three adjoining properties, two have dairy cattle, and one has beef cattle.

The solar panels will collect sunlight which will potentially disrupt soil microbiology and plant growth.

This is turn will affect grazing animals.

If the solar farm goes ahead, what will happen to the existing native vegetation?

This vegetation includes mature trees and trees that have been planted in the past 10 years.

As there is a water course that goes through the property, how will the drainage and properties downstream be affected?

There is a place for solar products as long as they are in an appropriate place near high voltage powerlines.

Possibilities could be industrial land at Hazelwood Power Station.