Drunk and drugged drivers nabbed

Drunk and drugged drivers have been netted in police operations during the past two weekends which have also uncovered a variety of other offences.

Among offenders was a 43-year-old man, charged with driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol and with drug trafficking offences.

Nine drivers were also charged with other offences including drunk driving, driving unregistered vehicles and driving while disqualified.

Unroadworthy notices were also handed out

This is the second consecutive weekend Sale highway patrol has conducted the drink and drug driving crackdown in the Wellington region.

A booze bus was positioned in Longford and on the Sale-Maffra Rd at the weekend and remote units performed drug and alcohol testing throughout the shire.

The previous weekend traffic police targeted Yarram and Gormandale.

The operation marks the beginning of a series of crackdowns during the next few months.

Police said there was no excuse for driving under the influence and people who did so should be prepared to get caught.