We like plans for police station

An artist’s impression of the proposed new Sale police station has received an overwhelming response online.

The Gippsland Times put up the image of the proposed police station on its Facebook page on Monday morning it received dozens of likes and positive comments.

Here are some of the comments:

Megan Nichols: “Such a great plan… Not only will it give the police more room but gives that corner some life and character!”

Amber Shaw: “Glad to see they will keep the old wall.”

Katrina Germaine: “I do love the way that the architect has built the design around the original wall and entry way”.

Neil Humphreys: “Yeah! The Old Wall is Historical”.

Wendy Reeves: “I think it looks fantastic”.

Shelley Young: “Perfect location for the new Police Station”.

Clinton Jee: “Wow nice! I like it!” .

Narelle Ingle: “Looks great but Hope they make enough room for parking, pretty busy that corner….”.

However, there were some comments about the cage structure on top, with some Facebookers speculating it might be put to good use:

Katrina Germaine: “How awesome, wondering about the cage on top is that to parade all the wrongdoers?? !!”.

Allan Jackson: “Please tell me that top see through area will be used and isn’t just there for looks”.

Tanya Cooke: “What’s the caged off area for? For the naughty ones so we can point and laugh at them through it?”.

Barbara Tryhorn Still: “lol tanya now thats funny can see people walking past … ner ner ner your naughty bad bad ner ner ner your in trouble now hehhee very funny”.

Sean Powell: “Will it be called “The pigpen” ? Seriously great to see them keeping the old wall”.

Clive Murray-White: “very funny narrative love to hear what the architects said about the image they were presenting – police in a cage kills me”.

Gippsland South MLA and Police and Emergency Services Minister Peter Ryan announced the site of the proposed police station last week, the former prison site on the corner of Foster and Reeve Sts, Sale.

Estimated to cost about $15 million, it will feature public consultation and interview rooms, staff amenities including a mess room, change rooms and a gymnasium, conference and training room facilities that can be adopted for emergency situation management purposes along with short term custodial holding rooms, a custodial area and administration work areas.

Mr Ryan said the station would be able to accommodate 63 officers, comprising a uniform branch, criminal investigation unit, highway patrol, police prosecutors as well as the sexual offences and child abuse unit, with only a small portion of the site to remain undeveloped.

There will also be a dedicated space for Justices’ of the Peace.

A portion of the former prison wall will be retained and incorporated into the building’s design.

“As we know, the police station as it now exists has absolutely had its day, it is not up to scratch,” Mr Ryan said.

“It’s more than 30 years old, it is the oldest 24 hour police station in this state, east of Dandenong, and it is time that it went for the police officers and the administrative staff working within it.”

Despite the fanfare surrounding the announcement, the state government has not yet made any commitments to funding the project.

However Mr Ryan said the station would be built.

“…. the question is when, it is not a question of if any longer,” he said.

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