Burning off deadline looming

TIME is running out for local communities to burn off without written permits, with the declared fire danger period likely to come into force within two weeks.

The Country Fire Authority and Sustainability and Environment Department said the deadline was rapidly approaching in Latrobe City and Wellington municipalities, with the likely implementation date Monday, December 17.

CFA district 10 operations manager Allan Rankin said that even though the Fire Danger Period was not yet in effect, burning off could be problematic.

“Warm and windy days are fraught with danger, so we advise community members to not attempt to conduct burn-offs in this type of weather,” Mr Rankin said.

“Clean up your property now before the festive season so you can sit back and relax knowing that your property is better prepared for bush or grass fire in your area this summer.”

Mr Rankin advised property owners to ensure they followed some simple steps before lighting up.

He said burn-offs should be registered by phoning the Burn-off Notification line on 1800 668 511 or by emailing burnoffs@esta.vic.gov.au

He said they should include details such as the location of the burn-off, the date, expected start and finish times, what is intended to be burnt and the estimated size of the burn-off.

“Monitor weather conditions, in advance and on the day don’t light up on warm and windy days,” Mr Rankin advised.

“Always have adequate resources, people and fire fighting equipment, on hand to contain the fire if necessary.

“Never leave a burn-off unattended even for a short time.

“Ensure that the fire is completely out before leaving and conduct periodic patrols of the burn site to check for any re-ignition.”