RSPCA Wurruk shelter dog-gone

A LACK of demand for two animal shelters within close proximity has been used to justify the closure of the RSPCA’s Wurruk shelter.

Eight people will lose their jobs after the shelter and adoption facilities in Hunt Lane close on January 22.

RSPCA Victoria animal services executive manager Helen Cocks said the decision to close its facilities in Wurruk was carefully considered and not taken lightly.

“As an animal welfare charity dependent on funding from the community, we must continually evaluate the best use of our resources,” she said.

“The demand for our shelter and adoption services in Sale is relatively low, with our facility admitting approximately six animals per week. We do not expect demand to increase to a level that warrants the need for two animal welfare centres in such close proximity as our services are currently duplicated by those offered by the council-owned pound in the same area.

“The council-owned pound in Hopkins Rd, Fulham, is operated by independent animal welfare organisations Animal Aid.Ms Cocks said despite the closure of RSPCA Sale, RSPCA Victoria remained committed to increasing positive welfare outcomes for all animals in Gippsland.

“The RSPCA will maintain a strong presence in the area with our Inspectorate Services in Sale. We will also continue to undertake proactive animal welfare initiatives, including providing free desexing and microchipping schemes to cat owners residing in the Wellington municipality who hold a Health Care Card for at least the next two years,” she said.

“The RSPCA will also continue to make educational services available to local schools as well as carrying out community awareness campaigns.

“RSPCA supporters will also have other opportunities to engage with and support the work of the RSPCA, including attendance and participation in our Million Paws Walk. It is possible that in the future these types of targeted initiatives may operate from our Mobile Animal Care Unit.

“RSPCA Victoria would like to take the opportunity to thank staff, volunteers and the Sale community for its support of our shelter and adoption facility. We also look forward to continuing to work together with the community to ensure positive welfare outcomes.”