Merry Christmas everyone

THE staff at the Gippsland Times and Maffra Spectator wish readers a safe and happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.

To get you into the Christmas spirit, here is a list of Christmas light locations, according to followers of the Gippsland Times on Facebook:


Alfred St.

Gibney St.

Powerscourt St (a few huge set-ups, we’re assured).

Knight St.

King St.

Roberts Court.

Charles St.

Calvert Court.

Landy St.

Corner of Carpenter and Glassford Sts.

McAdam St.

Carpenter St, Stratford end.


Across the road from the hospital.

William St.

Mills St.

Gordon St.

Maffra Rd.


Langholme Court.

Guthridge Parade, opposite Stephenson’s Park.

Patten St, (which we’re told has two really good ones, towards Araluen Primary School).

Franklin St, complete with reindeer lit up on the lawn.

Inglis St, towards Somerton Park Rd.

Grevillia Court (off Rebecca Drive).

Macalister St, near Thomson St.

Herron Court, off King Avenue.

Stafford Drive.

Thornton Court (off Woodburn Drive, off Montgomery St).

Guthridge Parade, opposite Stephenson Park.

Woodford Place.


Bennison Drive.

Synan Court.

Counahan Drive.


On the South Gippsland Highway.


Raymond St.

Hobson St, next to mechanics hall.

Bolden St.

Loch Sport:

Government Rd.

National Park Rd, just past the bus stop.