Mixed reviews on mall

THEGippsland Times posed the question on its Facebook page “How are we all liking the new-look Sale pedestrian mall?” and received a swag of responses.

The verdict was mixed, with some saying the mall area is much improved, and others labelling it a waste of ratepayers’ money. Here are some of the responses:

Kirk Mackintosh: Looks good, but the money could have been spent better.

Jayne Allan: Like fixing Heyfield’s swimming pool BEFORE summer.

Debra Rohrlach: I like it well done to all the workers involved it created work for the local people.

Annie Vanston: Looks good, but a lot of wasted money that could have gone to aid the homeless & hungry, fix roads or other necessary things. Also the slatted sun shades will offer no shelter whatsoever.

Dave Giles: Love it. It’s a much more inviting space and not slippery in the wet! More seats/tables would be good and more shade though.

Wendy Anne: I think a pedestrian crossing near the Commonwealth bank and Finlay and Weymouth first because i like many have nearly ran over so many pedestrians …….its crazy that nothing has been put into place for their safety.

Mindy Monck: Looks gr8, but the shelters are kinda useless though. 

Rie Short: I would like to see more public toilets in this area. Not everyone wants to trot into the centre to find them. Had lunch there today with family. Colours and turf is nice.

Lucy Fitzgerald: agreed! Although Sale could do with more public toilets altogether! I hate being over at the Aldi end of town when my kids need to use the bathroom, and I have to put them both into the car to get to the centre in time!

Amanda Jane Mowat: Aldi have let me use their loos for the kids before Lucy, was either that or their floor!

Jodie Willis: Come along to the Community Celebration on Saturday between 11 and 2. This will be a great community space with so many possibilities!

Nora Falconer: Yeah but pretty crappy finish where the new works hits the old bricks especially at the entrance to jewellers what a huge trap hazard.

Lucy Fitzgerald: haha, Amanda! Same – we have used it a few times, too! Would be handy to have a public toilet though – so that we don’t have to wait in line at Aldi for them to let us in.

Kate King: A waste of Ratepayers money!!!Joyce Stewart: could do with some seats.

Lisa Hayman: Gavin Roberts has done an incredible job with his contribution. It is a much nicer looking space than it was. 

Clare McIvor: Looks great I reckon! And a lot easier to trot across in high heels! The old brick work required concentration.

Darryl Jackson: Sorry all the naysayers.. but I love it.. the cool informal feel of the grass and the stand of trees will look great when established.

Allanah McCormick: Nice! All we need are a few more cafés in there now. 

Geoffrey Irving: It looks ok but still a waste of money!

Wayne Felmingham: It looks ok but our local roads are shithouse. WASTE OF MONEY!

Di Page: waste of money better spent on homeless.

Jenny Burrell: Looks good so far but needs some table and seats to eat at.

Kate King: I agree with Wayne. The million dollars would have been better spent fixing all the potholes on the roads. Was there a public forum on how the Council planned to waste our money they gained through our Rates?

Bernie Cassin: I agree wain and old people are tripping over shitty footpaths.

Bruce Robinson: It’s come up a treat! Lets see how long it is before all the nice neat concrete box edges are trashed by skateboard and scooter riders!

Margaret Vitlin: quite like it, especially the grass.

Suzanne Harrap: The cris-cross design surrounding the trees I found isn’t very practical at all as the paths are not very wide can see some potential twisted ankles ahead in sale….. Ouch!

Deb Milligan: Love it!

Jenny Mccormick: I think it’s a nice sitting, relaxing place but need some seats.

Annie Vanston: Those poles near the old telecom building look ridiculous and out of place, they’re a big waste of money.

Gail Leckie: My little boys have watched the building works with excitement. The grass is great but the few times we have had morning tea out there it is hot, it needs more shade and those ‘bus shelters’ would be great with some seats under them. Also fix the paving at the Clocktower end as I have seen people trip over the rough ground.

A COMMUNITY celebration will be held in the Sale mall tomorrow, December 22, from 11am to 2pm. There will be free family fun, entertainment, music, prizes and more. Wellington Shire Council is inviting people to go along and enjoy the progress made so far in the Sale mall redevelopment.