Energy challenge

More than 40 Maffra Secondary College year nine students and staff recently made the journey to Maryborough for this year’s RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge.

Through trying weather conditions, Maffra’s students achieved one of their best overall results since first attempting the event five years previously.

Entering two teams of year nine students in the 24-hour endurance event, the school’s open class team, with its vehicle The Angry Gecko, placed 11th in its class.

This is a great achievement given that they were competing against vehicles crewed by year 11 and 12 students.

Maffra’s second vehicle, The Golden Sting, competing in the mixed gender B2 class, also acquitted itself well, with its team placing 23rd in a large field of competitors.

The team’s 23rd position also saw it pip Catholic College Sale at the post.

Catholic College Sale, which finished 24th, was pitted against Maffra and with many of the students knowing each other there was much enthusiastic but good-natured competition during the 24 hours of the event.

This year was also a huge success for the Maffra Secondary College and its Energy Breakthrough Program, with more community support than ever coming its way.

The sponsorship money raised by the students enabled the class to buy a full class set of clip-in racing shoes and to refurbish both of the college’s human powered trikes.

These improvements went a long way towards the school’s success this year.