Cinderella with a twist

YOU thought you knew the story of Cinderella?

One day, the Prince invites all the young ladies in the land to a ball, planning to choose a wife from amongst them.

The two stepsisters gleefully planned their wardrobes for the ball, and taunted Cinderella by telling her maids were not invited.

As the sisters depart to the ball, Cinderella cries in despair.

Her Fairy Godmother magically appears and immediately begins to transform Cinderella from house servant to the young lady she was by birth, all in the effort to get Cinderella to the ball.

Fairy Godmother turns a pumpkin into a golden carriage, mice into horses, a rat into a coachman, and lizards into footmen.

She then turns Cinderella’s rags into a beautiful jewelled gown, complete with a delicate pair of glass slippers.

The Godmother tells her to enjoy the ball, but warned that she had to return before midnight, when the spells would be broken.

But did you know that her Fairy Godmother had an assistant, a dress designer and a security guard?

Performed by Sale Theatre Company, the action takes place in Cinderella House, in a forest and at the royal ball.

This magical tale is guaranteed to live happily ever after, with Jen Bullers and Grace Connolly starring as Cinderella, while Fairy Godmother is played by Kathryn Barton and Scott Rossetti.

Cinderella will be staged at the Wellington Entertainment Centre today, tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday at 11am with 6.30pm shows on Wednesday and Thursday.

Tickets: adult $17, senior $15, concession $13 and child $7. To book, phone the box office on 5143 3200.