Photography exhibition without cameras

STUDENTS at Catholic College Sale, Sion campus have created a point of difference, putting on a high quality photography exhibition from images captured on iPads.

Photography teacher Sharyn Henderson said the idea of using iPads stemmed from every student effectively having access to a camera through personal devices such as mobile phones.

“We also have a weekly photo competition open to staff and students with the winners featured on the (school) website,” she said.

Student Josh Edey said students would go outside to take photos before returning to class to edit them.

“During the holidays we had a photo-a-day challenge,” he said.

“Each day we had a different topic; the first day was red and the second day was rest. Each day we had to do a journal entry on what we have done that day.

“We had to select our two favourite photos to send in, make invitations for the exhibition and explain in three sentences why we chose each photo.”

Josh said some of the editing programs students used included Pic Collage, Insta Collage 3, Insta Editor and Picture Magic.

Teacher Tina Versteden said another class of 40 students would participate in the class next semester, with the class including weekly assessments.

“We teach them some of the basics, teaching them how to take a good photo with rules of thirds, using angles and some of the golden rules before they go out and get an expensive camera,” she said.

“The kids come up with apps which they share in the art room and discuss which ones are best.

“The students are really excited, some of the boys were sceptical but now they love it.”

Mrs Versteden said with students still learning what made a good photo, the class involved a lot of experimentation.

“The students just started snapping away but now you can see them setting up shots,” she said.

“We change it (topics) depending on seasons and interests, there is a lot of experimentation.

“They are excited to show their photos off, showing them to other students in the yard.

“For 12 and 13-year-olds, there are some amazing photos.”