New bridge for cyclists

A BRIDGE will be built to allow cyclists and pedestrians to travel all the way between Sale and Longford without having to use the South Gippsland Highway.

Gippsland South MLA Peter Ryan said the $56.9 million flood protection project along the highway had been extended to include a new off-road bridge alongside the Long Waterhole Bridge at Longford.

“The original plan for the off-highway path only went as far as Swing Bridge Drive, which meant those walking or riding had to share the Long Waterhole Bridge with highway traffic to get through to Longford,” Mr Ryan said.

“This new bridge will provide the final link between Sale and Longford and will also connect with the existing scenic paths through the stunning Ramsar-listed Sale Common wetlands and the historic Swing Bridge precinct.

“Families can feel comfortable taking children for a ride or walk between the two towns, safely away from traffic on the busy road.”

Mr Ryan said designs for the new bridge were being developed, with works expected to begin on this part of the project around the middle of the year.

“Works on the rest of the off-highway path, between Port of Sale and the Thomson River Caravan Park and the old highway between the caravan park and Swing Bridge Drive, are progressing well,” Mr Ryan said.

“The path will be fully sealed and is expected to be finished later this year.”