Melva turns a century young today

FROM a comfortable armchair in one of the lounges at Heyfield’s Laurina Lodge, Melva Davidson earlier this week looked over the assortment of cards and letters she received in the lead up to her 100th birthday.

Among the courteous letters of congratulations, sent from a number of the region’s politicians that rested on the over-armchair table, there stood something special.

A card from the Queen.

This, former charge Tom Wallace (also former Gippsland South MLA) said, filled Melva with joy.

Melva, who was born 100 years ago today, spent most of her life not only living in Sale but residing in the same house where she was born.

Melva, the seventh of eight children, was born in the front room of the Guthridge Parade property that was bought by her father William Greenaway in 1902.

When he died the property passed to his wife, and upon her death Melva and her husband, Arch, bought out Melva’s siblings to own the property.

While the existing furniture was shared among the family, a number of the original pieces stayed with the Davidsons at the property, until Melva moved into Laurina Lodge.

Melva met Arch in her 20s when she was working at Kilmany as a nanny to young Tom.

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