No gas field message

HAVING declared the township “gas field free” Seaspray residents and supporters plan to celebrate the declaration on July 28 with a massive 50 metre human sign spelling out the words ‘No Gas Fields.’

Locals are hoping their message on the Ninety Mile Beach will halt plans by mining companies Lakes Oil and Ignite Energy to develop tight gas and coal seam gas resources in the district.

School teacher Kirra Boulton said when she found out about the plans to turn the farmland around Seaspray into gas fields, she knew she had to stand up and say no.

“This area has been productive agricultural land for diary, beef and sheep for over 100 years,” she said.

“It also boasts one of the largest vegetable growers in the state. During the summer months the population explodes with holiday makers that come to enjoy the pristine beaches, fishing and surfing.

“All this is being threatened by the grab for cheap onshore gas for export.”

Ms Boulton helped form the Gasfield Free Seaspray group which conducted a survey of Seaspray, Giffard and The Honeysuckles, asking neighbours whether they wanted to declare Seaspray “gas field free”.

Ninety-eight per cent of the surveyed community members did not want coal seam gas or tight gas mining in their neighbourhood or the region.

“Instead of focussing on all the terrible things that could happen to this beautiful part of the world as a result of tight gas and coal seam gas fracking we’re staying positive and focussing on the things we love,” Ms Boulton said.

Local horse breeder Allison Sable, who recently relocated to Seaspray from Colorado, USA, along with her husband Chris and 15 of their Friesian horses, was horrified to learn of the possible development of the tight gas and CSG industry.

“We have witnessed first-hand people lighting their tap water back in the states, due to the methane contamination caused by fracking,” she said.

“If Lakes Oil wants to mess with us they will be dealing with the business end of our horses.

“We’re urging everyone across the region to join us on July 28. We all need to stick together as a community on this issue and hold onto what we love about living in this special part of the world.”

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