New liquor accord signed

WELLINGTON Liquor Accord has welcomed the signing of a new agreement which will allow its licensed venues to enforce bans on patrons who display unruly behaviour.

Manager of Star Hotel, Sale and current Wellington Liqour Accord chair Trent Fairweather said under the new approved accord, the barring of patrons is now legislated and enforceable.

“It helps formalise what we have already been doing in Sale for about 10 years now, with the co-operation of publicans, police and Wellington Shire Council,” he said.

Wellington PSA Inspector Shane Smith said the accord agreement provided the accord members with the ability to impose bans of patrons involved in unruly behaviour for periods varying between two months and two years, depending on the incident.

“We are very pleased to have this partnership with council and the licensed venues,” he said.

“The Wellington Liquor Accord is aimed at improving community safety, alcohol harm minimisation and the amenities of areas in the vicinity of licensed venues.

“More importantly the aim is to improve patron behaviour, and ensure venues are meeting their obligations under the Liquor Control Act.”

Incidents such as underage drinking, refusing to leave the premises, drug dealing and assaults are all covered under the accord agreement, a five year agreement that will run until 2017 inclusive.

Mr Smith said the Yarram and District Liquor Accord was also going through the same process of finalising an agreement.

Wellington Shire mayor Scott Rossetti said the agreement allowed the accord members, police and council to deliver good public outcomes.

“The liquor accord agreement results in many good public outcomes, reducing negative affects of alcohol in helping people whose anti-social behaviour becomes evident when they drink,” he said.

“The fact these venues get together to work with police and council to get these outcomes is important.”