Council’s push for better public transport

ALLOWING members of the public to access the school bus route between Yarram and Sale is among Wellington Shire Council’s eight key public transport priorities.

Council is seeking to improve accessibility for residents and businesses to local and regional activities, increase access to education opportunities, improve access people have to essential services and improve integration of transport with social, economic, environmental and land use planning decisions.

Council last week endorsed the following priorities which it will advocate to state and federal governments:

Increase the frequency of transport services between Sale and Traralgon, including the extension of three train services from Melbourne which currently terminate at Traralgon;

Provide peak hour coach services to Sale from Heyfield and Maffra;

Convert the Yarram to Sale school bus route to a public transport route, which is seen as the most cost-effective way to transport people from the south of the shire to work, education, health or court;

Support post secondary school students access to school buses to overcome transport barriers in accessing tertiary education;

Increase the number of low floor accessible buses, wheelchair accessible taxis and provision of accessible transport infrastructure for people with limited mobility;

Provide public timetable information at bus stops;

Provide weekend Wellington Transit bus services, and

Promote the GippyRideShare car pooling initiative across Gippsland.

Councillor Peter Cleary said there was a greater need for public transport options in rural areas compared to Melbourne.

“We continue to push for better public transport to allow movement, particularly for the elderly and the young, around our shire,” he said.

“These eight priorities clearly let people know exactly what we’re after.”

A key strategic focus in council’s Wellington 2030 vision is for the shire to have well-maintained transport networks supporting important economic activity and connected communities.