Maffra ambulance’s new site close to being resolved

MAFFRA can expect a new ambulance station by June 2014, but not on VicTrack owned land in front of the Gippsland Vehicle Collection as originally anticipated.

Following concerns raised by Gippsland Vehicle Collection, Ambulance Victoria will now review a Wellington Shire owned site at the rear of the existing Maffra ambulance station that was initially excluded due to site pollution issues.

Deputy premier and Gippsland South MLA Peter Ryan said after meeting with Gippsland Vehicle Collection members, Ambulance Victoria would not progress the VicTrack land as the location of the new Maffra ambulance station.

“Wellington Shire Council will remediate the site and planning and design works for the new station will begin next month,” he said.

“Consultation between the two parties has resulted in the best outcome for members of the Gippsland Vehicle Collection and local paramedics.”

Gippsland Vehicle Collection members contacted by the Gippsland Times have welcomed the outcome but declined to comment further.

Gippsland East MLA Tim Bull said he was also pleased negotiations between Ambulance Victoria and Gippsland Vehicle Collection had resulted in a positive outcome for the community.

“The Gippsland Vehicle Collection is a wonderful community asset which benefits from a strong visual presence,” he said.

“I thank Ambulance Victoria management for listening to community concerns and agreeing not to proceed with building in front of Gippsland Vehicle Collection museum.

“I look forward to the new Maffra ambulance facility proceeding at the alternate location.”

As reported by the Gippsland Times in May, Ambulance Victoria confirmed plans to build a new facility in Maffra with speculation surfacing it could be built on VicTrack owned land in front of Maffra’s Motor Museum, raising the ire of the Gippsland Vehicle Collection.

GVC had hoped to buy the land and intended to approach Mr Ryan, imploring him to explore other options for an appropriate site for the new station.