Bus stop still working

GIPPSLAND Centre management has assured the public of minimal disruption to the shopping centre bus stop when pathway upgrade works commence on Monday.

Mirvac Gippsland Centre manager Jeanette Henwood said the pathway along the Cunninghame St side of the centre would be upgraded to match the pathway through the pedestrian mall, with the upgrade to take about six weeks to complete.

“The pattern concrete will be the same finish as the clocktower mall,” she said.

“We will be using a local contractor to replace the old pavers; we always try to use local people.

“Nice new concrete, easy to keep clean and it looks good, so it works in well.”

Rubbish bins will be replaced, while new bike racks will be installed as part of the upgrade.

Mrs Henwood said while access to the bus stop and Cunninghame St entrance would be restricted at times, works would be undertaken in a way to ensure minimal disruption to the bus stop.

“Council has been notified and together we have come up with a strategy for people to catch the bus,” she said.

“The bus stop might move up or down the street a bit depending on where the work is.

“The bus stop will still remain in place and people will still be able to access the bus,” she said.

“Mirvac Gippsland Centre Sale apologises for any inconvenience caused to our customers and visitors.”