Maffra’s ambo station near caravan park

WELLINGTON Shire Council will sell land at the rear of Maffra Caravan Park for the town’s new ambulance station.

Ambulance Victoria had approached council in 2011 about buying the site in Station St adjacent to the current ambulance station site fronting Johnson St, but the land was under a 21-year lease as part of the caravan park.

Council now manages the caravan park after the lease was surrendered in June.

Because Maffra Shire Council’s depot facility was previously located on the site there were low level contamination issues, leading to Ambulance Victoria to look at alternative land.

There had been discussions about building the station on VicTrack-owned land on Maffra-Sale Rd in front of the Gippsland Vehicle Collection.

However collection members had raised concerns about the proposal.

Earlier this month Ambulance Victoria confirmed it would seek to buy the land in Station St.

Council has voted to sell the land to Ambulance Victoria at current market value.

A 2011 valuation had the site valued at $131,500.

Council will work with Ambulance Victoria to resolve contamination issues before the sale is completed.

Councillor John Duncan said council, Ambulance Victoria and GVC had done well to resolve the matter.

“The land that we’re talking about selling to them was the council’s first choice; it’s part of the Maffra Caravan Park, which we’ve resumed operation of,” he said.

“It’s surplus to our requirements and we think a good location for the ambulance.

“It also protects the interests of the car museum.

“It’s a double win in this case.”

Deputy Premier and Gippsland South MLA Peter Ryan previously said the Maffra community could look forward to a new ambulance station by June next year.