CSG Free holds Maffra meeting

ORGANISER of the CSG Free Maffra and Districts information night at Maffra Football Clubrooms on Thursday were thrilled with the community’s response.

Lock the Gate Victorian co-ordinator Ursula Alquier, opened the event with an over-view of coal seam gas extraction and unconventional mining practices before introducing three expert speakers.

Ms Alquier suggested Lock the Gate signs provided a visual shield of resistance to mining scouts. If an entire road or street is lined with signs it sends a strong message that the community is not interested in out-dated practices.

Dr Merryn Reddenbach from the Doctors for the Environment spoke about the health risks for humans, animals and the environment.

Environment Defenders Office lawyer Felicity Milner, highlighted the legalities of dealing with mining companies.

“The bottom line is you do not have to let (mining companies) on your property and you don’t have to sign anything,” she said.

Leigh Ewebank from Yes to Renewables offered a viable option for future energy in wind farming.

He spoke of the two turbine wind farm operating in Hepburn, Victoria which delivers power to a population the size of Maffra with zero emissions. The turbines were manufactured in Australia and once operational, continue to generate employment.

Unsurprisingly a show of hands from the audience showed a desire for Gippsland to remain CSG Free.

CSG Free Maffra and Districts meets every other Thursday and welcomes newcomers. Phone Lorraine 0423 368 518 or Diane 0409 389 612 or email csgfreemaffra@gmail.com