Transfer station will close

SEEN as past its useful life, the Sale waste transfer station will be closed by June 30 next year.

Wellington Shire Council voted unanimously on Tuesday night to begin the process to close the facility next year.

Low usage, combined with the high costs involved in the long term operation of the site and proximity to the main facility at Kilmany, led council to the conclusion that the transfer station is not a long term viable option.

If it was to remain open, the more than 30-year-old Sale transfer station would need a significant upgrade to meet current best practice guidelines and occupational health and safety standards.

There are also operational constraints, including litter and amenity in the surrounding urban area and adjacent Stephenson Park.

Mayor Scott Rossetti said council understood the decision to close the facility would inconvenience some local residents, but had organised recycling alternatives where possible.

“Sale residents who currently make use of the site will have the option of disposing of recyclables for free at Towards Zero’s Sale depot, located in Wellington Park Way, just off Somerton Park Rd,” he said.

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