Seaspray speedsters set council task

SPEEDING traffic on Seaspray’s Foreshore Rd will be assessed over the summer period following Wellington Shire Council’s decision to hold off on the installation of speed humps as requested in a petition to council.

Long term resident Stephen Lazzaro and 51 other residents and visitors had petitioned council to install speed humps on the road now the caravan park had been relocated, fearing for the safety of children walking to the beach.

Instead, in an effort to reduce the incidence of vehicles reaching dangerous speeds, council will install edge line marking along the length of Foreshore Rd; and undertake a traffic behaviour analysis after the installation of traffic classifiers for the December 2013 January 2014 Christmas peak period.

Following analysis of the information derived from those measures council will in February 2014 make a decision on any other works.

Foreshore Rd is sealed, straight, relatively wide and open with a width between kerbs of 10.3m and no existing pavement markings.

The road is subject to the 50km/h in built up areas road rule.

Austroads and the Australian Roads Research Board accept correctly installed speed humps will reduce vehicle speed greatly, in most situations in which they are appropriate and moderately over the whole area.

Speed humps also create adverse noise, reduce comfort for all road users and encourage the use of less suitable alternative routes and side streets.

Speed humps can also be tripping hazards for pedestrians, particularly at night in areas with no or limited street lighting, such as Foreshore Rd.

The installation of a speed hump scheme and appropriate signage would cost council about $12,000.

The marking of edge lines along the length of Foreshore Rd will cost about $500 and can be delivered within existing financial allocations.

The analysis of traffic behaviour can also be undertaken within the shire’s existing resources.