Maffra Mardi Gras is launched

CHANTELLE Cormack had envisaged helping out Queen St Kindergarten’s Maffra’s Mardi Gras campaign behind the scenes.

Now she will be the face of the kindergarten, raising money for a new kitchen.

She will compete for the title of top fundraiser against Caz McDonough for Sale Combined Kindergartens and Sarah Godward for Maffra Football Netball Club, while Sophie Jackson will have another go for Seaspray Surf Lifesaving Club following the success of Linley Bertacchini two years ago.

The Maffra Mardi Gras will be held on Saturday, March 22.

Mrs Cormack said she wasn’t meant to be an entrant.

“I was just meant to organise the fairy floss,” she said.

“I went to the meeting and we didn’t have an entrant, so after a few laughs at my expense, I was it.

“I’m excited for the next few weeks.”

Mrs Cormack said after they had raised enough money for a new kitchen, the kindergarten would consider widening hallways.

Caz McDonough will raise money for personal development training for staff at Sale Combined Kindergartens.

“There are three kindergartens under the Sale Combined umbrella,” Mrs McDonough said.

“I have four small children who have been through kinder, I think each at a different one.

“I will be raising funds for training staff for children with high needs.”

Sarah Godward has always been a supporter of Maffra Football Netball Club despite never having played.

“I grew up watching friends play at the club, and I have in-laws and cousins who currently play,” Mrs Godward said.

“I have always been involved, going and supporting the club each week.”

Mrs Godward will raise money for the upkeep of facilities at the club.

Sophie Jackson will be Seaspray Surf Life Saving Club’s mardi gras entrant.

Sophie, who has been a part of the surf club since she began Nippers at seven years of age, will be raising money for a new surf club.

“I was scared of the water so I would only compete in the sand events,” she said.

“The club has given me leadership opportunities and the opportunity to compete at a state and national level.

“We are a small club with 308 members, other clubs have as many Nippers as we do members.

“We want to keep our beach safe.

“No one has drowned swimming between the flags at Seaspray and we want to keep it that way.”

The mardi gras launch was on Friday night, and Sophie launched into fundraising straight away with a progressive dinner at the surf club on Saturday night.

She will also host a cinema night tonight at Sale Cinemas from 6.30pm.

The cost of $15 includes the movie Mandella Long Walk to Freedom and supper, while there will also be door prizes.

Other events Sophie has planned include a morning tea at Jillian Johnstone’s, 72 Queen St, Maffra from 10.30am tomorrow, while a trivia night will be held at Sale Greyhounds on Friday night at 7.30pm for an 8pm start.

In opening the event at Duart on Friday night, Cr Emillie Davine said the mardi gras was the longest running community event in Wellington Shire.

“This is the 57th Mardi Gras event by the Rotary Club of Maffra and it has had a phenomenal response from the community,” she said.

“To date, the Mardi Gras has raised $3,405,244, which is commendable to the community.”