Youth council sworn in

THE Wellington Shire Youth Council for 2014 was inducted at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

The youth council, made up of 18 young people between the ages of 12 and 25, represent young people within the shire and provides an avenue for youth issues, feedback and communication with Wellington Shire Council.

For the first time the youth council will have a full representation of ages from 12 years through to 25 years.

During December the youth council attended a leadership camp where the 18 new youth councillors got to know one another.

“It was on this occasion that we also had the opportunity to draft our annual youth council action plan and establish what goals the group would collectively like to work on throughout the coming 12 months,” Jessica told council.

“2014 is definitely going to be an exciting year for the group and we look forward to participating and being led by a new team.”

She said the 2013 group had passed on its knowledge and passion to the 2014 group during the November transition period.

“They see what has been achieved through the year and then they believe ‘hey I can make a difference as part of this group’,” she said.

Jessica said the youth council had encouraged her to leave her comfort zone and to achieve things she had not believed possible.

She wished 2014 youth mayor Adam Douthat and his team the best for the coming year.

“I know they are going to do the community proud and do themselves proud,” she said.

Mr Douthat reminded Cr McCubbin of their previous collaboration, in the 2001 play The Tantrum of the Opera, which Cr McCubbin had written and produced with Guthridge Primary School.

He said he had only recently become interested in leadership and hoped to use newly developed knowledge and leadership skills in 2014.

He said the youth council hoped to establish a Facebook page for the shire’s youth community and to play a leadership role surrounding issues including graffiti and tagging.

“ We would like to reach out to youth a bit more with a public Facebook page, to get more of a view of what the youth actually want and sharing ideas with different community groups and break that gap between adults and young people,” he said.

Youth councillors for 2014 are youth mayor Adam Douthat, Aleisha Allen, Alexandria Deedman, Charisma Henderson, youth deputy mayor Christine van Deventer, Christopher Valette, youth council secretary Dallas Adams, Harley Kewish, Jess Kearns, Lachlan Gates, Matthew Gover, Mitchell Limbach, Mitch Young, Mollie Webster, Sarah Ann Williams, Tia McLachlan, Timothy Valette and Tristan Mitchell.