Glenmaggie speed five knots in some areas

PARTS of Lake Glenmaggie are now subject to a speed restriction of five knots.

The storage has just dropped below 44 per cent, the trigger for the partial five knot restriction.

SRW acting east water supply manager Gavin Prior said it had been a testing year for irrigators and water levels were dropping rapidly in the storage.

Mr Prior said a 42 per cent level was not unusual for Glenmaggie at this time of year.

“Glenmaggie is an annual storage it’s designed to fill and empty every year,” he said.

“Last year, boat drivers saw the same sorts of restrictions.

“We also want to remind everyone that as soon as the lake’s capacity drops to 25 per cent, we introduce a five knot restriction across the entire storage, not just parts of it.”

Mr Prior said the five knot restriction was implemented for safety reasons.

“There are a number of snags and obstacles that become serious hazards when the lake levels drop,” he said.

“We urge everyone using Glenmaggie to observe the speed restriction and stay safe.”

Mr Prior also reminded recreational users of Lake Glenmaggie that all land under and around the lake was a road-related area, meaning it was covered by Victoria’s road laws.

“This means that Victoria Police have jurisdiction to enforce the road rules in these areas,” he said.

“Inappropriate use of motorbikes, four wheel drives and other vehicles around the lake and on the dry lake bed will not be tolerated.”

A full map of the restricted areas is available on the Southern Rural Water website