Celebrating great state schools

SALE Primary School celebrated Education Week this week by inviting parents and grandparents of current and prospective students to tour the school.

Education Week is a Victoria-wide government school initiative, with the specific focus this year ‘Scientists do amazing things’.

Sale Primary School principal Brad Evans said Education Week was a great opportunity to showcase government school education.

“State schools are great schools and we really open up our doors, collectively in this week, especially to invite people in to see the great things that we do.”

Guthridge Primary School principal Susan Burnett said it was important for people to understand the value of state schools.

“In Sale in particular, we have some really good facilities and excellent specialist programs in our state schools,” Ms Burnett said.

The 545 students took charge as the school’s tour guides to show their parents and grandparents various areas of the school.

“Rather than just come visit a classroom for an hour or half hour, students can actually leave their classroom with their visitors and take them around and show them the music centre that we have, the art room, the library, the indoor hall, our science room and other areas of the school,” Mr Evans said.

“It just gives parents and grandparents an opportunity to see everything that happens in the school for their kids,” he added.

During the school tours, some students took their visitors outside in the sunshine to read, while others visited the new science space.

“One of the things that’s a feature this week is, I suppose, the unveiling of the science learning space we’ve created this year for our students to use,” Mr Evans said.

“What you see in there hasn’t been an overnight thing, it’s really been throughout term one, and with the theme of ‘Scientists do amazing things’ as the theme for Education Week, it was a good time to make a big deal of the (science) space.

“To have a specific science learning space just means that all of our resources are in the one area; grades can come work in that space comfortably and not worry about their classrooms which are all general purpose.”