Beauty performed

BEAUTY and the Beast was brought to life Friday night when Catholic College Sale students presented a traditional rendition of the classic fairy tale.

Complete with costumes and a live orchestra, the romance musical burst onto the set for its sole performance at the Wellington Entertainment Centre Sale.

CCS drama and music teacher Jane Robbins was musical director for the play and said the performance was an annual event that provided students with the opportunity to experience theatre outside of the school curriculum.

“We do a senior school production every year and we alternate between doing a musical or a play,” she said.

“Students from year nine to 12 volunteer. Everything is done outside of school time.

“We practice during lunchtimes, after school, and weekend rehearsals.”

“It’s a real opportunity for them to do something that they may not normally do when they leave school. Even though we have great local theatre, not everyone makes that step.”

Year 11 CCS students Lilly Werner and Grant van Bermmulen took the lead as Belle and the beast.

Grant said he wanted to get involved in the play because it is fun and a great acting experience.

“I’ve done VCE drama and I like singing and acting. It’s a good opportunity to get involved as it opens the door to future possibilities,” he said.

Ms Robbins said the production team thoroughly appreciated the contribution from the school community.

“We do have a couple of our orchestra who have volunteered their time. But a lot of volunteers from within the school community have offered their time with things like costumes.”

“Anja Bartle who is an administration assistant here has designed and created all the costumes which would be hours of work and Shakira Dugan is responsible for the set design and construction.”